Upon Arrival talks about culture shock, about women experiencing life in another country based on research findings and testimonials. While the positive stories do exist and are very rewarding, there are also negative factors and those of us who have gone through culture shock know the harsh realities it can involve. Study on the process of making a life transition has been spanning the globe for centuries, and now we as we near the year 2000, organizations like this can make use of technology to gain access into and share information with individuals of differing countries. Upon Arrival strives to be a forum for sharing world life experiences amongst women sojourners and facilitating one-on-one communication between people worldwide.

This is an academic site and represents an educational contribution to the Web. The information gathered herein has been compiled for many years with literature and science in mind along with the spirit of instruction and giving back. All material is copyrighted. To request reprint permission, please contact me here. Upon Arrival is brought to you by Erin who enjoys using the Internet to bring together people of different countries.

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